Friday, February 22, 2008


I am pleased to announce the results of my survey, conducted over a huge, wide-ranging sample of three very intelligent respondents:

It's official: turquoise is the best colour in the whole world, ever.
Well, at least it's more popular than Orange, Charcoal or Cream.

Turquoise - the fancy French word for "turkish" - turkish blue, aqua, jade, teal, aquamarine, seagreen - there are many gorgeous variants of bluey-greens.

Apparently it was Gianni Versace's favourite colour.
And is also Giorgio Armani's. Picasso was also an admirer. The colour of water, of the ocean, of David Hockney's swimming pools, of the metallic feathers on a lyrebird's tail in the Australian bush. And of course, one of my favourite birds, the kookaburra, features turquoise in the markings on its underbelly and wings, mixed in with earthy greys and variegated browns.

All that, and a fancy French name, as well!

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