Monday, February 11, 2008

Technologically challenged

Why haven't I posted for so long? Well, a few weeks ago, I made the mistake of combining digital photography with house-cleaning, and unknowingly vacuumed up my camera's memory stick, which had fallen on the floor. THAT will teach me to vacuum! Anyway...

Went to Officeworks to buy back-to-school stuff for my DD, so took the chance of asking the sales assistant who informed me that "they no longer make that type of memory stick" and that I'd have to get a new camera. Ha? Well, following his logic, I would have to get a new computer and laptop as well, because the new memory stick won't fit those, either. The Husband was not impressed with this. Neither was I!

So, in between ferrying my DD to her many social engagements, providing holiday entertainment 24/7, etc., I turned the house upside down looking, as I thought, for the only memory stick in existence which would fit my camera, computer and laptop. No luck. It MUST have gone in the vacuum. It is rather small, after all.

I'd already thrown out the rubbish, so no hope of sifting through the dust bag. Off DD and I went to Harvey Norman, where an equally helpful and informed (NOT) young salesman again informed us that "they" no longer stocked my antique memory stick. When I asked if he was sure, he turned around and grabbed a product off the shelf, "well you could try this and see if it works". Great, except that the memory stick he showed us was about 100 times bigger than the one I wanted. On the plus side, there'd be no chance of vacuuming it up, but it was too big.

Then it began to dawn on us. These guys weren't LISTENING to us, they didn't have a clue about any of their products, even less about accessories. So, DD took matters into her own hands.

Scanning the shelves, her eyes fixed on one item, and she dashed behind the counter to grab it from the shelf. "Looks like this one, Mum". Yep, it did. And it does, and is. Ten bucks, it cost me. Thank you, Sandisk, no thanks, Sony.

How difficult is it, to hire and train staff so that they know what they're talking about? Pity my DD's too young to get a job there, she'd be National Sales Manager in a couple of weeks! LOL

Anyway, the long and the short of it is, school's back, so I have more time to blog, and I have a camera and computer and laptop which is WORKING so I can post pics.

So I'd better get to it.

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