Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two very different scarves

I've added two more scarves to my etsy shop, they are really different. One is the Crazy Daisy scarf, which I showed you in "bits" a few posts ago. Here it is, you might need sunglasses to look at it as it's VERY bright:

Now, a totally different scarf, one of my tweedy styles, more of a study in tone than the bouquet styles which are studies in line and colour. This time, the tweedy scarf is in blues and gorgeous greys. I used about 10 different balls of yarn, mainly 12 and 14 ply bulkies, in a moss stitch, just blending and changing colours as I went along. It sort of goes from a darker tone to lighter shades.

Here it is:

I've done this type of scarf in all colours, I did a red one, sold last November at an exhibition, I've done a purple one, and also a neutral one in earthy tones, which was commissioned by a client. There is a chocolate one in my shop, and I've also sold a "Shades of Grey" one, last year. They're a sophisticated, subtle design, and go well with a lot of coat colours, e.g. camel, brown, grey.

I almost called the blue one "Stormy Weather" but then I decided on "Moody Blues" after the band which made some of the pop music I liked back in the seventies.

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Melinda said...

Beautiful tweedy scarf!