Monday, May 9, 2011

now, which end do I hold the paintbrush???

Well I don't know what happened, someone put a bomb under me perhaps, but I completed two small watercolours on the weekend. I had a massive mental block, created by a few weeks' break from painting due to "Daily Paintworks Challengeslife getting in the way". Daughter's exams, school holidays, husband starting new job, husband spending a week in Europe on business, oh yes, and the dog ate an easter egg and almost died. So, it was all I could do to put dinner on the table, let alone sit down and draw or paint...

Anyway, enough about all that. The heater in my studio isn't working, and it's freezing down there so I don't want to paint in oils or acrylics. Even pastels are a bit messy for upstairs, so out come the old faithfuls, the water colours.

If you want to have a closer look at these, they're in my Etsy shop and also on the Daily Paintworks Challenges pages.