Saturday, February 6, 2010

roeffel's new coat!

My friend in Belgium, Annemie, has a beautiful west highland terrier called Roeffel. It's been a cold winter over there, so I made a crocheted coat for Roeffie, so he could keep warm on his walks. Here is Roeffel, wearing his new coat! It fits nice and snug around the neck and front legs, and is really warm, as it's crocheted in softest merino wool.

It's red, with two pockets, one with the letter "R" and on the other side, one with a little West Highland White Terrier. These are knitted into the design.

You'd never guess how old Roeffel is - he's 14!!! Isn't he just beautiful! So handsome and so SWEET.

PS let me know if you'd like to know more about my dog coats - they're made of superfine, machine washable, pure Australian merino wool, naturally water-resistant and soil-resistant. I make to order and mail anywhere on the planet. I made one for my old dog Frankie, and I'll make another for Hamish if he ever stands still enough to measure!

Here is Frankie in his coat, about 2007. I made it because he had a back injury and he needed to stay warm as he got older, with his arthritis etc.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Etsy shop for valentines...

The Dear Child is back at school, the Dear Husband is back at work - after a day home alone with the animals, I'm looking for things to do.

Valentines Day is a day to bring love to everyone - kids, animals, friends, family, and of course partners and sweethearts. Thankfully it's not all about champagne, chocolates and satin lingerie. Well, not for me anyway!

So I cleaned up my Etsy shop and made some new listings. Just for Valentines, my shop has a theme of perfect pinks, flowers and hearts, including some very cute little baby hats. Have a browse at I hope you enjoy it.

As you know I'm also an oil painter. So it's time for me to go back to school too, part time. I'm planning to paint 4/5 days a week this year, in my studio, when I'm not at classes. I'm not exactly sure WHAT I want to paint just yet, but no doubt that will happen. I've opened up a second etsy shop for my paintings, so far there's only one item in it, but I'll be adding more,

Monday, January 25, 2010

First ever clearance sale

It's January, and time to clear the decks, so I can make more room for my new creations.

I'm having my first ever, half price clearance sale in my etsy shop:

pop in and have a look, you might pick up a bargain!
Airmail anywhere on the planet 3 - 10 days (in reality, usually 5 days to UK/US)