Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My new favourite magazine

Ooh ooh ooh I do love a new magazine. It's VERY expensive ($28.50 Australian dollars) but supremely gorgeous and I really don't know what took me so long to find it. Maybe not enough quality time spent at the Borders magazine department? Because that's how I found it, by accident, browsing while waiting to meet a very dear certain young someone in my life.

It's Selvedge magazine.

(I can hear many of you saying, well, derrrr.... okay, so I'm a bit, make that very, slow sometimes LOL)

Visit selvedge right now and you'll see a delightful vintage (1924) film clip of Australian sheep being shorn and wool being processed.

Another great find, courtesy of Selvedge magazine, the gorgeous creations of a Parisian designer, Sophie Digard, in softest merino wools. Each of these scarves is about 11 inches wide (27 cm). They are so finely crocheted they must have been made by tiny, but very busy, fairies.

Seriously, she is a very clever gal, almost as talented as me! ;-) I do love a combination of assured colour mixing together with deft technique.

The one thing I would like to know, is where her pieces are made and by whom. They are carried by a few retailers worldwide, so she couldn't possibly make them all herself. I am crossing my fingers that they are not sweatshopped. The prices reflect the amount of work in each piece, about $US270 at the moment. Even so, considering the time and labour, even at that price, costs would barely cover the bottom line. Trust me, I know.