Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A new painting

Long time no see! My thumb has finally healed so I'm back to typing. I've been spending several hours on the road each day in my various duties, and I'm afraid to say I have missed yet another Life class (I go to Life Drawing and Life Painting at the Royal Art Society of NSW). So I will have to make up a class.
But it's a good opportunity to show you one of my recent efforts, in oil painting, almost finished this study in two 3-hour sessions. The model is a dancer, so quite lean and muscly. That's why I put her next to my tiny framed Degas picture!

It's a tricky pose, she is poised as if just rising from a seated position, she is 3/4 turned away but her face is almost profile. I plan to finish the drapery and the background, and clarify her face without adding too much detail. I thought I was using way too much green and blue, but from a distance it seems to work.
What do you think? Apart from the fact that yes, it is a nude, and nudes tend to polarize and embarrass non-artists. So if you're polarised and/or embarrassed, don't say anything! Thanks.
PS: I have found my camera and my long-lost memory stick! Yay - and thanks to the person who found it, love ya darlz. So I'll be posting more stuff in the next few days. I'll try to post everyday and be a bit more organised now I can use my thumb again!

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