Sunday, July 27, 2008

Snow in Lindfield

Global warming? More like global cooling. Unbelievable scenes in our garden this afternoon.

Our front lawn:

The front garden:

I never thought I'd see our windowsill looking like this:

If this weather keeps up, we can always turn the pool into an ice rink:

It's so pretty!

The Weather Bureau says it was "hail". They are wrong. It all fell within a few minutes. We made snowballs. We threw them. It is snow.

We've always wanted to live in Tasmania, now we don't need to move.


Adam said...

yes i live in lindfield as well and i have been fighting that argument that it WAS!!! snow not hail

Anonymous said...

i had that too.
don't listen to phoebe. your blog is really cool :)
xx Soph

deb said...

Thanks fellow snow-bunnies, Adam and Soph. Wasn't it FUN!
Soph, you are very sweet!!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It was hail...I live in Lindfield...the last time it snowed on the North Shore genuinely was in the 1960's in the higher parts of Hornsby (~200m elevation). Even then it was only for a short time and did not settle. With global warming we've just about ruined our chances of Sydney snow ever happening again. It did, however, resemble slushy snow as it was too warm to snow anyway. Obviously you have never experienced a real snow shower.