Friday, December 14, 2007

My first post - ta dah!

At last I've had a chance to sit down and create this blog.

"Produce" (as in the Noun) = stuff which I make. Which varies. Enormously! From day to day in fact. I paint, draw, stitch, bead, embroider, knit, crochet... I can't help myself.

I might have to change the name of my blog as it does sound a bit daggy now, like fruit and veg or an imperative verb, a command - "produce, or else!" Bear with me.

Anyway, here I'll post a couple of pics of recent "produce".

What have I done today? Working on another "bouquet" scarf, this time in shades of blue and purple, to echo my current summer garden which is filled with hydrangeas and agapanthus. The original one, the "bright bouquet scarf" is this one.

I've also done a winter version in muted berry tones, so now it's time for the summer edition!

They're all designed "on the needle" which means, as I make them. I simply crochet random flowers, which I invent myself, in several colours, in varying sizes, depending on what mood I'm in. Then I choose a leaf colour, and then I start laying it all out. I add more bits, whatever's needed, and then comes the boring bit: stitching it all together.

Which is best done in front of a good tv show, with a strong light over my work!

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