Thursday, December 27, 2007

Almost finished!

I spent a few days in the Blue Mountains last week, having some well-earned time out after a frantic year. The Blue Mountains are west of Sydney, an easy 1 1/2 hour drive. Here is a photo I took at night, of the "Three Sisters", a rock formation and popular tourist lookout.

While there, I sewed together my latest Bouquet Scarf, in summer colours of royal purple, ultramarine, cobalt, sky blue, jacaranda. The fuzzy bits are mohair, for some textural variation. Mohair is very warm and very light. It doesn't drape like merino wool does, though, it tends to "float", so I usually use it with wool, to give it some extra body and weight. I only use fine quality mohair because the poorer quality can "itch".
So no, all I need to do is finish the ends of the scarf, press it and it's ready for my etsy shop.

Hmmm. Everything is "blue" at the moment, even the Mountains!

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