Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, there wasn't much equestrian broadcast by our dear Channel 7 network (not much of anything apart from swimming LOL) so I turned to the OTHER olympics - at Ravelry! More than 5000 Ravellers took part from all corners of the globe, and we had to create our entries within the time frame of the Olympics, starting during the opening ceremony and finishing tonight!

Here are my entries for Team Freeformations, first a bag-to-be in the colorwork crosscountry:

And then a "Cricket Creams" creation (yes, we know Cricket is not an Olympic sport!) - it was supposed to be a scarf but turned into a bag and scarf matching set.

I'll be putting these in my etsy shop if anyone's interested in buying them! Embellished with ribbons and pearls. Very perty.


Anonymous said...

OHHH the cricket scarf is pretty.
I will be going to etsy to check it out.
xx soph c.

Anonymous said...

Soph again.
I couldn't find it :(
Can I get a quote for it?

deb said...

LOL Soph don't worry it's yours sweetheart.